Tuesday, August 21, 2018


I've noticed that I haven't posted anything on my blog this month! It's because it all goes to either Instagram or Pinterest. I like my blog. The reason is, it's a platform for me to talk about my art, why I do it and what/who inspires me.
Above are drawings I've created recently and shared only on Instagram. They were done for the fun of drawing, to practice my skills and they weren't intended to develop into paintings. I have a small goal to create 100 drawings and the bottom left glass is #64.  You'll find these on Instagram. Others are private.
Drawing for me is important. I find it harder than mixing oil colors and even conceiving a painting. I'm inspired by artists with great drawing skills, like contemporary artists Sarah Sedwick and
Corey Pitkin. Of course, everyone has a different idea of great art, like my late friend Lorraine Roth who loved abstract paintings.