Thursday, October 29, 2020

Yellow Pepper on Pink Plate

 Painting glass is as much a looking, thinking and planning process as it is a painting process. It's fun, but it makes you question what you're doing from the very beginning. I had a firm vision of how I wanted it to look and once I set up my still life I knew it could sustain my interest. There is a lot to look at in this little painting. I hope it gives you some ideas on how to paint glass and encouragement to try it out for yourself.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Clear Beer Glass and Yellow Pitcher


It's clear glass month at the ASL remote class. Clear glass is made up of lost edges, reflections and refractions. These can be seen clearly on a white background. Refractions are the objects behind the glass which show the shape of the glass. Reflection is what is shown on the glass from a nearby object. The challenging part is color changes that are very subtle. They aren't necessarily value or saturation, but small temperature changes. 

Clear Glass Plate and Orange

This painting is my copy of Karen O'Neil's demonstration. I began  thinking about clear glass watching this painting take shape. Painting glass is abstract and difficult because there isn't much to see. It's not about painting the glass, but what's around and behind it.