Friday, June 15, 2012

Hat Rows

This painting is in progress.  I've been thinking about how to paint an arrangement of hats.  I'm fascinated by them and the image they create.  I think they add style and grace and make women feel more interesting and beautiful. Or just create an attitude!  Weirdly, I've been more unsure of painting the boxes and forms than painting the hats, which will be fun and colorful.


  1. What a great compliment to the shoes-on-shoe boxes painting above! I can tell you've saved the best (and surely the most fun to paint) part for last. Love it when you get ambitious Robin - this is going to be good... ♥

  2. Great start and can't wait to see those fun colorful hats!

  3. Looking forward to see this finished.... fun idea..... remind me a little of Wayne Thiebaud's cake displays.

  4. Ciao Robin,
    Molto bella l'idea di mettere insieme tanti cappelli e mi piace anche la realizzazione! Io penso che sia bello così, monocolore, perchè stimola molti significati simbolici...
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana