Thursday, April 9, 2015

Amber Glass and Two Orange Slices

I haven't painted in almost two months and it wasn't all about getting ready for my show, although there was much of that. On Valentine's Day a family member passed away and he will be missed. I spent  time visiting my mother and wish we lived closer.
Taking time off from painting had its benefits. I reread The Art of Seeing and Painting by Henry Hensche. Many years ago I read it. I understand it at a different level now. He reminded me what painting is about, getting the color right, understanding colors in different and changing light conditions and not painting when tired. I'm going to try to find a place in my house with natural light and also step away from my painting when tired, to come back with fresh eyes.
I think I grew even though I feel out of practice. I'm anxious to get back to painting and lose myself in the process again.  


  1. Hello Robin!
    I think this is a great painting, I love the colours and the freshness in the painting! And the interesting composition. Do you paint on mdf panels? I have been thinking a little bit about trying painting on panels to get that smooth surface, but have no experience with panels. As it doesn´t seem to be so common to paint on panels I am wondering if there are any possible downside to it?
    Greeting from Sissel

    1. Hi Sissel,
      Thanks for your comment. I paint on Ampersand Gessobord panels. I love the smooth texture and they're already gessoed. I can't say there is a down side to them. You can buy them 3/4" deep and that makes framing easy or do as I do and buy the flat panel (see How I Frame my Paintings) for instructions.