Monday, September 21, 2015

The Cottage

I added a bush to the lower right of the painting.  
This helps draw the viewer into the painting.

This summer some artist friends and I went to The Clark Museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit. On our way home, we saw this little cottage by a gas station. I kept the shape, but took some liberties with the landscaping.  Below is my palette, lights for the sunshine and darks for shadows. I adapted this from Peggi Kroll Robert's Painting From Photos video.


  1. I love this painting! Thanks for sharing your palette. I didn't get to the Clark exhibit, but a lot of my friends did. I intend to go before Oct. 19 to see the George Inness collection.

  2. Thank you Janette for your nice comment. The new Clark is wonderful. I didn't know about the George Inness exhibit. I'll have to check it out.