Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blue/Green Bowl on White Plate

This bowl came all the way from a Florida thrift, which I visited with my mother a couple of weeks ago. A trip to the thrifts always ends with something new to paint. The bowl's colors were pretty, but subtle, and I tried to capture its airiness. I added an orange and plate and got circles within circles.  


  1. Nice composition and colors! Loved the way you have the plate going off the edges of the painting. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Kaethe for your comment. This one was fun with all its circular shapes.

  2. there are so many wonderful thrift shops in Florida and if you want great, gently used and inexpensively priced furniture, it'd be worth it to come here and buy it and rent a truck to bring it home!

    I love the beautiful color harmony and subtle value changes in this beautiful piece.