Thursday, June 7, 2018

600th Blog Post

A friend gave me the book "The Elements of Color" by Johannes Itten.
I'd like to thank her and share two passages whose meaning I find true.

“ Only those who love color are admitted to its beauty and immanent presence.
It affords utility to all, but unveils its deeper mysteries only to its devotees.”

“Learning from books and teachers is like traveling by carriage, so we are told in the Veda. The thought goes on, “But the carriage will serve only while one is on the highroad. He who reaches the end of the highroad will leave the carriage and walk afoot.”

For me, painting is like walking up a mountainside.
The path is beautiful and full of wonders.


  1. Robin, I'm delighted your 600th Blog features quotes from "Elements of Color." Congratulations on the 600 days of beauty and inspiration you have generously given to your devotees!

  2. Thank you Janet. It's a great book and I go to it often for inspiration.:)