Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still life with Plum and Toast

I haven't done a larger painting in a long while. I started this painting last weekend and only worked on what you see. It was going well, I felt like I had a lot of confidence and was pleased with how it was coming out. That was my problem! Yesterday, suddenly I lost my way. I said to myself "You are going to screw this up." Luckily an appointment took me away from it and while I sat in the doctor's office (just a check-up) I figured out what was going on. I realized I wanted to rush through the background. So I came home and wiped off what I had done. A quote from Richard Schmid's book Alla Prima ," Imagine that you are a mountain climber making your way up the face of a sheer cliff, and you must think and measure before each step-or else. Does being careful like that make climbing less exciting?" I'll start back today and take my time. 


  1. A beautiful beginning. Love the reflections of and on the blue mug.

  2. Beautiful painting. Love all the colors and the composition. Enjoyed visiting your blog:) Saw your Muse- Alex...wondering if a little bichon?- sweet face! Thanks for visiting my blog too and commenting. Take care!