Friday, February 3, 2012

Green Trilby Hat

Well, my large hat painting didn't work out.  I have another 6 hats to paint that were graciously on loan until March from a local antique shop.  I'll paint each hat on a little canvas, just suspended on a field of color. I feel so much happier that I gave up on my original idea. It was complicated and was giving me a stomach ache. Yikes! Hope you enjoy my little hats and who knows, maybe something will come of them.


  1. Love this. You really captured the texture of the material. Reminds me of my dad. After he passed, we found so many of his hats that each family member has one. My grandson (age 13) wears his all the time, feather and all. If I lived close, I'd share :)

  2. I do enjoy this and I think it is such a good idea to paint your hats.

  3. I had to google Trilby. That's a new word for me. Is that a British name?
    I like the soft suede texture of this. Good job!