Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Cake

This past Wednesday I traveled into New York City to see the Wayne Thiebaud Retrospective at the Acquavella Gallery on 18 E. 79th St. The show is only through November 30th. and well worth the trip.  The Acquavella Gallery is a private gallery but open to the public. There are around 50 paintings, some from his private collection and others for sale (that's the goal of the gallery). I couldn't afford a painting but I did purchase the retrospective catalog and it is beautiful.
I was so inspired by the show I decided to do this cake in pastel.


  1. How fun....wonderful ... makes me wish for cake!

  2. Me too. You made your own Wayne cake. How resourceful . I wonder how the exhibit will influence your stuffed animal series?
    I for one am staying tuned.