Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Weekly Pastel Painting

The top was painted a couple of months ago using a box of 96 Nupastels.

Rembrandt pastels
The Bottom was painted with a box of 15 Rembrandt pastels.  I had to layer colors to create the ones that I wanted and learned to use a lighter touch. You may ask why I'm comparing the two and my answer is because they feel like two very different mediums.
Both are a copy of a Kevin Macpherson painting from his book Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light and Color. 
I've purchased a 72 piece landscape set of Unison pastels from Dakota Art Pastels. I have lots of question about how will they work. Will I figure them out and find my style?


  1. You're getting a lot of great energy and movement into your pastels Robin.

  2. You are already doing so well with the pastels! I am sure you will figure it all out and find your style. You are inspiring me to dig out my old pastels that I have not used in about eight years. Nice work, Robin.

  3. Very nice and great reference book. Have fun!