Monday, November 25, 2013

Au Revoir Paris

My husband and I were in Paris last week.
 I love Paris, why?
Wonderful Restaurants

 French Pastry like Pistachio Mille-Feuille

Pretty Little Food Stores

Beautiful Architecture

   Classic Art Stores like Sennelier and Charvin
And lots of Museums
I'm so fortunate to have gone there and "je t'aime" to my husband and mother.


  1. Hi Robin
    Me too, I love Paris... no matter how many times I go (and I even lived there for a whole year studying French as a student many moons ago) !I still get excited by photos of this beautiful city, so thank you for sharing yours. Next time we go I will be sure to visit those art shops. I have only been painting for 2 years, and haven't visited Paris during this period. Although I did go on a wonderful painting holiday (my first) to the South West of France in September.
    We're off to the south of France in 3 weeks.
    Best wishes
    Caroline (from the UK)

  2. Hi Robin, What gorgeous photos of Paris! How lovely to have just spent time there. I too love Paris - I wish it wasn't sooo far away!