Friday, April 11, 2014

Athena Sitting in Progress

I've been working on the background and as I found out, once I darkened the siding I had to change the coloring of the floor. I'm working on the railing. I had it in, then took it out.  Maybe I should make it more substantial, darker and tidy it up? Are the angles wonky? Most of the time I don't put in backgrounds to my pet portraits. I thought I'd try it.  What do you think would add to this painting?


  1. Love the background. The perspective looks good and she stands out. I would think if you darkened the background, she would tend to blend in, but you certainly are the skilled artist. I'm going to look into Lenox paper. Really enjoy your animal paintings!

  2. Thank you Sue for your input, that seems to be the general opinion. Lenox paper is great. I use three coats of gesso, lay it flat to dry and then cut it to size. I'm lucky enough to buy it in big sheets at a local art school.