Saturday, October 11, 2014

"The Black in Sunlight is Lighter than the White in Shadow" Challenge

I'll be hosting this week's painting challenge on Daily Paint Works. It will run for a week starting this Sunday.
Below is what I submitted for my challenge. 

 The Challenge
There's a saying, “Black in sunlight is lighter than white in shadow” and that's the principle I used in painting this Dalmatian.

My DPW challenge is to paint your light colors in shadow darker than your dark colors in the light. Yes, this hurts my brain too.
To keep it straight in my painting, I made a simple four color chart.
It helps to squint to get your values right and don't worry if it takes a few tries, it did me. 

To view this challenge go to Daily Paint Works Challenges.  
If you haven't tried this idea in a painting , then this may be a fun exercise.


  1. So glad to have stumbled across your wonderful blog! Frankly, you had me at the shoes!! :0)

  2. Thanks Sue and Sandra for your nice comments. :)