Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grape Tomatoes Glass Bowl

I did a couple of trial runs on the tomatoes before I started painting. I worked out their shading and colors.  I also created piles of paint for the corresponding  background colors to compare values and saturation without having to think about their placement.  From these piles I made adjustments while painting. This seemed to work well within the limited time I had to paint today.


  1. Love this! The colors are so bright. The prep was so worth it!

  2. Love the color complements in this and the bowl is awesome.

  3. Beautiful job! I like how there are bits of green reflections in the bowl.

    I also liked reading about your process for mixing piles of paint. I keep meaning to try pre-mixing, at least on a limited basis. I only pre-mix gray, which I use a lot with other colors.