Friday, July 6, 2012

Caught on Tape

How I approach painting. I paint wet-on-wet and paint one object in my still life at a time before going on to the next. So, knowing it takes me a while to get in the zone, I choose as my first object to paint one that is uncomplicated. I next find my lightest lights and darkest darks. Then I use a small gray color isolator to determine the local color and value of that first object and brushstroke; everything after that is painted in relation to what's around it. I'll look at my painting in a mirror or take a break and come back to it to see what's off and needs adjusting.


  1. Hi Robin, very interesting job with a great result, i like the painting very much. :) Cheers!

  2. OK, this turned out great! Interesting composition. Love the circles and shadows of circles. Also, love how the shadows reflect the colors of the tape. And the slanted line across the background is a nice change up from all the circles. Good job!