Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Green Color Charts

I was thinking of titling this post Compulsion but I don't want to be any harder on myself than how I felt after working on these charts. I was inspired by Richard Schmid's charts in his book Alla Prima and I made my green charts in anticipation of painting outdoors. The first chart is of greens right out of the tube and lightened with titanium white. Many of them I forgot I owned and were in a box in my basement. The second chart is the interesting one where I mixed different blues with yellows and toned them down with different reds. The part with the reds is not complete and if it was I would have had to make 180 squares! I did have some Aha moments though. I discovered I really like naples yellow with all the blues, yellow ochre and blues make nice dark greens, and cad yellow deep and blues have an orange cast. From the top chart chrome green deep is a nice cool blue green.
After all this my favorite mixtures of greens haven't changed much but I see I have more options when choosing colors.


  1. Hi Robin, I'm very impressed with your colour charts. I always feel a bit of a fraud as I never take the time to do them.
    I hope you enjoy painting outdoors.

  2. Hi Wendy, The thing is I am so overwhelmed when I paint outdoors that using the chart helps to solve one piece of the puzzle. Thanks for your nice comment and stay positive.

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