Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Deep Purple in Progress

Here's a progress shot of my current painting. I tried to find colors that work and are accurate. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll see it with fresh eyes and make changes.  That's ok.

I've reworked my Website on Weebly. I've made some changes to include current paintings, but kept the current look.

Here's a painting tip:  I use glass cleaner for the final wipe down of my tile board palette.  It's good for wiping off oils at the end of the day. If you wait a day, it won't take out stains.


  1. Your current creation is superb, Robin! Your best work yet! The colors are so pure, vibrant, and varied, yet well-balanced and offset by the most interesting neutrals. This canvas should be entered in the 2017 Cooperstown National Juried Art Show for a second win!

  2. Thanks Janet, your comment is so nice!!