Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's been 11 days since I posted my last blog.  That's not because I haven't been painting, I have, almost every day.  But, when a lot is going on in my life, my painting doesn't seem to work.  Maybe someone else looking at my paintings wouldn't realize it but I decided at the beginning that I'd try to post only those I was happy with.  A big change in my life right now is that I'll be moving out of my studio at the end of the month. The owner (who has provided wonderful artists' spaces) has decided to retire and she has put the building up for sale. I've come to terms with this but it has taken a few days. Of course, life itself is full of distractions but I'm going to try to concentrate on painting again and blog too.


  1. Beautiful painting. Reminds me of Manet's asparagas. Best wishes on finding a new studio space!

  2. It is a wonderful painting. the composition is lovely, with the emphasis on the diagonals and the muted yet rich color scheme. The bands of purple are a perfect complement to the dominant green.

  3. Robin,
    your paintings are beautiful.
    I'm with you about posting only the best work, although I think I will post a recent one that did not meet my expectations it because it will appeal to some and so I'll let them decide.
    I am a tough critic on my own work.
    About the studio.
    I feel your pain.
    In 2007, after 13 years in a wonderful old factory building in which we held an annual open studios, eventually numbering about 100 artists, our building was sold for development. To say that I (most of my fellow artists as well) was devastated is an understatement.
    It did have a happy ending as I found a SO SIMILAR space across town and it is larger and only a few dollars more, but it was a tough transition. Very unsettling and painful.
    Best wishes on working it out as I'm sure you will, but roll with the feelings. They are valid.

  4. There is so much to like in this painting. The reflection of the asparagus adds to the almost abstract feeling. The colors and the simplicity are engaging. Just beautiful!!

  5. Lovely! I like the bright gold highlight along the top of the spears. And the muted reflection is great.

    Sorry about the upheaval. I hope that you can find an even better studio space!

  6. I love the simplicity of this painting . . . the muted tones and mysterious muted light. So sorry about having to move your studio . . .