Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green Bowl, Flowers and White Vase

A friend said she wanted to hear me complain about how hard it is to paint, to commiserate, so this post is for her . This painting nearly went into the trash more than once. Really. Initially the bowl came out beautifully, my greens were clean, colors were applied in one stroke and it looked like glass. Then I painted the red flower.  The more I worked on the flower the more I got red paint smudges on the bowl. After several days of redoing the red flower more than half the bowl was lost. Today I was able to paint the flower and touch up the bowl. The unmuddied green colors of the bowl are lost but I think the painting still works. I'm not going to throw it out because I basically like my painting, it's an expression of my view of things and I know nothing is perfect.


  1. This one really caught my eye!! I love the way you've captured the glass bowl and the reflection.The whole composition is beautiful and well worth the effort!

  2. In spite of your difficulties you produced a wonderful piece. I love the bright colors and the composition really moves my eye across the piece. Very nice.