Sunday, August 19, 2012

Haute Couture

Originally named Hat Rows and inspired by a Wayne Thiebaud painting, I've changed the name to Haute Couture. For the last few years I've submitted paintings of shoes and woman's handbags to the Stockade Village's Art Show This year's submission is a lighthearted view of high fashion hats, but also a statement of how we feel about ourselves, sassy, elegant, bold and individual.


  1. I like this format with all the hats and hatboxes lined up with so many bright colors.

  2. Very fun painting, Robin! I love the reflections of color from the hats in the shadows of the manequins.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I found you through a google search for butternut squash paintings - I was cutting a butternut squash and wondered if anyone had done a daily painting of one, and there you were. I'm glad I found you, your work is excellent! (Fantastic job on the squash, by the way.)


  3. We are all elegant and sweet and sassy. Nice painting.

  4. Great painting. Love all the colours in this.

  5. Beutiful painting! i love it Robin! Hugs