Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Stacked Cups

I painted these stacked cups with the hopes of making the shadows on the cups the same value as the surface. I reworked it too many times but all's well that ends well. I'm inspired by DPW's new ArtByte  Collective Insight on Blocks.  Eight artists talk about what blocks them and how they moved through it. It's comforting that we all experience the same things and even though we are alone in our paintings, we aren't alone in how it feels.


  1. I know I should take time and learn how to paint mugs and such, but on the other hand, why since others like you do it so well. =) Love the colors and light in this one.

  2. I am finding the block article inspiring too! Carol is such a resource.

  3. This looks so simple, but it is amazingly complex! Here's what I love: the little touch of red under the white mug; the deep aqua shadow on the cup handle; the dark gray shadow on the handle of the white mug with a little spark of reflection; the gold cast on the handle of the white mug...and lots more. Beautiful job!